Wednesday, October 2, 2013

C-FLUG's going Trick or Treating for Halloween : Shopping list includes space in a paint booth, bit of upholstery fabric

C-FLUG's Shopping List (Sept 29, 2013) includes:

1. One Transponder  - Sept 30, 2013, thank you to Gary Smith, Standard Electric, for donating his transponder to C-FLUG and to Vern at Keystone Air for volunteering to service the transponder before we install it in C-FLUG!

2. Two seat cushions (for shorter pilots) Oct 4 Donated by Harold Kroeker
3. 3 new tires Oct 12 tires donated with inner tubes and brake pads by Jim Aitken and Cleveland brakes by Jill
4. 4 plastic buttons for flap holes
5. 5 strips of fabric for new back seat upholstery
         Ken Podaima has generously volunteered to re do the upholstery this winter, we just need 2 meters of          aircraft certified fabric.
6.760 channel radio
7. a new wind shield and
8. space in a paint booth for a partial paint job -
         Don Rocan (long term volunteer aircraft painter at WCAM) has generously volunteered to do the                  painting, we just need a paint booth for the fuselage + tail, Leon has already done the wings.

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