Monday, January 13, 2014

Flying C150 on wheels off snow packed runways - winter safety seminar

Manitoba Chapter 99s swapped tips on flying off snow-packed runways and entering uncontrolled airports.
Peter Moodie condensed 50+years of winter flying into 30 minutes, building on Larry Brown's November presentation. Rachelle and Lindsay have been flying C-FLUG this winter on snow-packed runways, they shared their tips on staying un-stuck and checking the runways. #1 point - walk the taxi and runway to see if the surface feels so hard you can't make much of an imprint with your heel...and then taxi the runway to confirm that C-FLUG's wheels can travel the surface reasonably.  

Rachelle and Lindsay, sitting in front of the fireplace, have gained some invaluable experience in "soft field" techniques taxiing and flying off snow-packed runways.Check Lindsay Kitson's blog for a great description of her experiences!

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