Saturday, January 25, 2014

Slick 4301 Magnetos from Air Parts, Winnipeg, installed on C150 C-FLUG with Women Pilots helping Jim Aitkens

Becky Dueck, Lindsay Kitson, and Jill work with Jim Aitkens to install new Slick 4301 Magnetos on C150 C-FLUG Friday night in the heated RAA workshop - with the wind howling outside and temperatures dropping to below -25C. In the process, Lindsay and Becky learned how to clean out lead from a spark plug, and entered into their Maintenance Log books "installed and timed magnetos"! Next they will shovel the ramp so they can roll C-FLUG out and do a test run-up to check the mag drop; once the wx improves a test flight will be completed and then C-FLUG is back in the air. Thank you to Jim (AME) for donating his time to keep C-FLUG runing smoothly.  

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