Wednesday, March 5, 2014

99's Intl Association of Women Pilots host Ski Flying Ground School with Larry Brown instructing

SKI FLYING ‘Ground School’ March 4th Tuesday 17:00 hrs (5 pm) Lyncrest Airport, 57119 Murdock Rd (near Tinker Town and Fun Mountain off Hwy #1/Fermor Ave) RAA Workshop Hangar 24A (look for the supersized RAA sign painted on the hangar as you drive onto the airport) Cost – FREE C150 C-FLUG will soon be on skis! Volunteer instructor Larry Brown retired from Air Canada with over 30,000 hours of flight time and began flying on skis when he was about 16 years old. He owns numerous aircraft that he flies off his own strip near Stonewall, including a Fleet Canuck on skis. Join a whole new world of flying in to go ice fishing/cross country skiing/snowshoeing/winter photography/out for lunch at a restaurant next to a frozen lake – eg Gimli/Brereton Lake/drop in to visit a friend at their farm…and much more! Introduction to flying on skis will include safety, technique, rigging, landing on frozen lakes + fields, info for passengers. Some of the people that attended have stayed overnight in an igloo to start polishing their winter camping skills in prep for some awesome ski flying adventures. Workshop sponsored by the Ninety-Nines, The International Association of Women Pilots and the Recreational Aircraft Association (RAA)

Plan to attend the Co-Ed Ski Flying Workshop November 20th from 7:30 - 9:00 pm at Lyncrest - something to look forward to during the mosquitoe season :)

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