Saturday, March 29, 2014

Leon Woychuk led the MB Chapter 99s stripping paint from C150 C-FLUG, the RAA plane flown by women pilots!

Friday March 21st 2014 members of the MB Chapter 99s and RAA met with AME Leon Woychuk for a Paint Stripping workshop. Two hours later all the tail feathers had been stripped and strangers had become good friends swapping flight training and flying stories, shared alot of laughs, and got to know C-FLUG's every rivet! 

Once the tail feathers were removed, the stripping began! Two hours later this amazing team had completed the tail feathers and begun on the vertical stabilizer!

Saturday March 22nd the women pilots and pilots in training attacked the rest of the tail and fuselage, working our way to the front of the aircraft. It sure makes a big difference with a group of people working together. We also got to know each other and began planning exciting cross country adventures together in C-FLUG.  

 Martin Bima dropped in just when we needed a help getting a child proof cap off!

 Ken Podaima provided some insights on the generator-alternator systems.

 Bob Stewart and John were keen to get some tips from us for their own projects.

Sunday March 23rd we finished off the stripping, working from the landing gear forward, and going over some of the other areas that needed touching up. Then C-FLUG received numerous fresh water scrubs and baths.

From Monday through Friday, Becky, Daphne and Lindsay dropped in whenever they had time to do final touch ups and gave C-FLUG more fresh water baths followed by blowing all the rivets and cracks with compressed air.

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