Saturday, November 9, 2013

C-FLUG introduces Jenna, Emily, Rachelle, and Marissa to her Carb Heat, Primer, and Fuel Systems with Jim Aitken

Jenna Johnansen, Marissa Selman, Emily Reid and Rachelle Regnier worked on C-FLUG with Jim Aitken and Jill:

1. Marissa and Rachelle installed blankets to winterize C-FLUG's 0-200 engine.

 2. Rachelle checked out each aileron hinge and removed the inspection panels, lubricating with LPS 1 from Vic Prefontaine, until she found the squeak - an aileron cable touching a rub is now squeak free and Rachelle has become our in-house experts on aileron cables.

3. Marissa prepared the tires to add a bit more air, they were down to 22 psi so brought up to 30 psi.

 4. Rachelle and Marissa checked out the manual flaps - 40 degrees of flaps!

 Jenna and Emily joined the work party and were able to track the aileron cables from the ailerons to the cockpit. This was the first time they could actually get to know the plane the wanted to fly...where, as one of the women said,: "every minute doesn't take money out of my bank account, I can actually take time to figure things out before going flying!"

 Emily, Jenna and Rachelle - first time they've come across a plane with the traditional pitot cover flap.\

 6. Jim and Marissa replaced the tach cable with a new one, hopefully the RPM gauge wont flicker any more.
 Rachelle, Emily and Jenna try out the landing lights, strobe light and wing tip lights.

Jenna, Emily and Rachelle, tracing back the fuel lines from the gascolator to the carb.

 Figuring out how the primer works - 2 lines, one drawing the fuel into the cockpit and the other pushing it out...Emily stated : "no wonder it is such a work out, when my Instructor at Harv's says to give it 3 strokes of prime I feel like my arm is going to fall off, now I know why, I have to push the fuel through that tiny line all that distance!"
 7.  identifying the magneto and tracing the lines to find where they go to...and for the first time the magneto-spark plug part of the ignition system clicked into place.

9. Where's c-FLUG's battery and ELT?

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