Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lindsay goes for her first Check Out ride with Murray Bryson in C150 C-FLUG

Lindsay is working on her Commercial-IFR-Multi ratings at Harvs Air and did her first Check Out ride in a C150 - C-FLUG - with Murray Bryson at Lyncrest. Snow packed, groomed runways and getting used to a 1300' circuit height added a bit of adventure into dong circuits. Great to be able to do a walk around inside the heated RAA building! Jennifer was able to go flying for an hour or so before sunset too! Check out more stories from Lindsay at

Each C-FLUG pilot receives complimentary indoctrination flights so the gals are totally familiar with refueling, managing the plane in and out of the hangar, using snow packed taxi- and runways, Lyncrest airport landmarks and circuits...its one step closer towards "Bush Flying"!

SKIIS for C-FLUG! We are looking for a set of certified skiis for C150 as the women pilots are keen to try their hand at ski flying. If you or someone you know has a set for sale or loan, please contact

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