Sunday, December 8, 2013

A "little job" 1/2 a day later :)

Jim Aitken regularly invites all C-FLUG Pilots and Pilots in Training to help him with the daily maintenance of C-FLUG. He chuckled at the "little Jobs" as each one expanded into some fun challenges and for each one Jim took the time to work at the pace of his helpers. Lindsay said "I've never seen all the wires and hoses underneath the dash. Am still not sure what they all do and what they are for but I sure appreciate the opportunity to follow Jim's directions as now I know what's behind the voltmeter we put in; and that the new fuel sender sensor I helped install sends fuel quantity info to the fuel gauge; and the nuts n washers associated with the heater element we installed for winter! I'm definitely coming back tomorrow to help Jim on whatever he's working on"

One of Lyncrest's neighbours, Kendra, dropped in to see C-FLUG after she visited with Santa who flew in from the North Pole. Jim took the time to show her what Lindsay was helping him install.

While working on C-FLUG, Lindsay had the chance to see one way that a ski plane gets into an hangar while on skis! And Kendra had never seen a door the whole size of one wall open up so she helped with the door!

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