Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dennis Turney introduces C-FLUG Pilots and Pilots in Training to how an engine runs using the Cut-Away Engine for 99s International Association of Women Pilots

Tuesday December 3rd 2013 about a dozen C-FLUG Pilots and Pilots in Training dropped in to the  Aviation and Aerospace Training Centre for an introduction on how an engine works. Dennis Turney, Head Aircraft Maintenance Instructor, Pilot, and Volunteer AME for Ross Robinson's antique War Bird Collection, applied his years of experience to help pilots understand the connection between engine operations and maintenance and the view Pilots see from the cockpit. We gained a better understanding of the relationship between the oil pressure and oil temperature gauges and the engine. After looking at the tiny oil channels and all the moving parts...over 400 movements a minute...we all chimed various forms of "Thank you, I now understand why we need to check for oil pressure and warm up the engine before taxing"!
The Manitoba Chapter of the 99s, International Association of Women Pilots organized this event and will work with Dennis Turney who has kindly offered to host a spring seminar on magnetos! Thank you Dennis!! check out

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