Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Becky, Rachelle, Daphne, and Lindsay Winter Flying with C-FLUG - "Loved the Soft Field Landings" + Flying on SKIS!

Thank you to Murray Bryson and Mark Odegard (check out pilots), Jim Goold (Airport Mgr and #1 runway groomer) and Dennis Kowalyshyn (ski pilot), C-FLUG pilots had a first-class opportunity to practise soft field landings "for real" with an experienced pilot in the passenger seat. And some got a chance to do some landings in the Land Africa on skis or fly in Dennis' C140, which has an engine similar to C-FLUGs engine - it also loves Carb contrast, the Land Africa's carbs hasn't needed any yet - partly due to the carbs positioned so they stay warm? Soft field landings and ski flying was a lot of fun - check out the photos below.   

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  1. It sure is different doing the soft field techniques on an actual soft field, rather than just practicing the theory. There's certain things you can't even do without an actual soft field, like adjusting the power as you go through some deep snow - you just can't practice that on pavement.