Monday, December 16, 2013

Thank you Vern at Keystone, Greg at Mid-West Avionics, Gary at Standard Electric, and Art Tendies for Transponder n Encoder

Lindsay, Becky and Marissa helped Jim install the encoder, transponder, antennae.
Thank you to:
1. Greg at Mid-West Avionics for contributing the encoder 
2. Vern at Keystone for contributing the transponder wiring harness
3. Gary Smith at Standard Electric, St Andrews for donating the Transponder
4. Art Tendies retired from Advance Avionics for advice on Transponder-Encoder compatibility
5. Jim Aitken, C-FLUG's volunteer AME for patiently explaining to Lindsay, Becky and Marissa what he needed help with!

Here are a couple of photos taken by Becky..."I love working with Jim and it sure helps me understand the amount of work involved in installing the transponder, plus I had no idea the encoder was a separate box!"
Soon C-FLUG Women Pilots will be taking C-FLUG for coffee in Winnipeg...and  will soon be legal to cross the border to explore the USA! 

Thank you for all your help, support, and encouragement for making the C-FLUG Project such a success!

Today Lindsay headed out to Lyncrest to see if Murray needed a hand grooming the runways after the fresh snowfall; and Becky walked the runways with Mark to see how deep the drifts were. C-FLUG pilots are learning first hand some basic 'bush flying' techniques from experienced commercial pilots at Lyncrest. C-FLUG is owned by RAA, donated by Bill Vandenberg for women only to fly in our attempt to identify why only 6% pilots are women and what steps can be taken to improve this to 50%. Check for more photos and details.  

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