Sunday, September 22, 2013

C-FLUG brings old friends together - Art Tendies, Ken Podaima, Jim Aitken, Bill Vandenberg...

A steady stream of visitors drop in all day Saturday Sept 21, 2013 to thank Bill Vandenberg and Jim Aitken, to help work as Jim's "Apprentices" so we can learn more about how the C150 works, and to meet up with old friends.
 Inside the fuselage got 40 years of Prairie dust removed.

 well worn deep socket and rag found in the fuselage.

 Peter Moodie dropped by to give us an update on Larry.

 Saturday morning some of the pilots interested in borrowing C-FLUG volunteered as Marshallers for the COPA for Kids event,  Betty-Ann and Maha Al-Ghoul.

 Jim Aitken explaining nose wheel landing gear system.

Harold Kroeker replacing clogged grease nipples on landing gear.

Malcolm thanks Bill. Bill has received over 90 emails thanking him for his donation!

 Harold removes chipped paint on prop tips and preps for repainting.

 George Inman and Vic Prefontaine

 Marissa, Bill and Malcolm, removing wing tips to check for bird or mouse nests in the wing.

 Vic Prefontaine comes to the rescue for that one screw that refuses to come out easily...60+ years of experience!
 Checking inside the wing.

 Jim Aitken with another teaching moment...every minute there is something new to learn.

 Jim Goold, Lyncrest Airport Manager.

 Bill gives us the tips needed to get the bottom seats out (just lift the seat up from the back!).

 Jim Aitken beginning interior inspection

 If you slide out the radios from many privately owned aircraft you will fiind Advance Avionics' sticker on the radio, owned and managed by Art Tendies, now retired. Art dropped in to help us with C-FLUG's radio and met up with great old friends.
 Doug Render working on spinner attach screw.

Jim Aitken replacing fuel selector valve so it doesn't leak - Joseph Martin, 15 years old model aircraft flyer, found the leak.

 Jim Oke, President, RAA Wpg Area Chapter, thanks Bill Vandenberg, C150 Donor.

 Bob Russell, pilot with a single-seater plane interested in borrowing C-FLUG so he can take his grandson flying thanks Bill for making it possible.

Bob cleaning out the cockpit inspection holes.

 Art Tendies and Jim Aitken with C-FLUG's radio - it won't transmit but receives beautifully.
 Dennis and Bill Kowalski fly a C140 and checked out the C150.

 Jim Aitken, C-FLUG's volunteer AME checking out why the left fuel transmitter doesn't work...turned out the ground screw had an insulated washer on it so that was a simple fix - just removed the washer.

 Part of Jim's crew.

 Jim reading the c150 service manual.

 Topic of labels came up at the evening coffee break and Bob returned with a set from his hangar for C-FLUG.

 Draining the last few litres of fuel so we can replace the right fuel drain. Grant Pronishen on the right.


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