Sunday, September 22, 2013

Thanks to generous donation from Goulet Aircraft Supply, Volunteers clean up C-FLUG

Goulet Aircraft Supply provided over $2000 worth of materials to bring C-FLUG back to new. Volunteers included people who interested in borrowing C-FLUG and people keen to support pilots without planes so they too can enjoy the adventure of grass-roots flying.
 Two pilots keen on borrowing C-FLUG, Betty-Ann McPherson and Harold Kroeker.

RAA meeting ended with interested members introducing themselves to C-FLUG.

 Two pilots keen on borrowing C-FLUG, Betty-Ann McPherson and Marissa Selman.

 Dean dropped in with his friend Bert Elam and provided terrific info on heat shrouds used on C150 in cold weather flying. He's sending us an article describing the details.

 Air Canada Captain, Bert Elam checking the 0-200 Continental out with Dean.

 C150 C-FLUG donor, Bill Vandenberg and his daughter Anne Friesen drop in. They have made this exciting initiative possible and are showered with appreciation from everyone who walks in the hangar!

Growing number of volunteers - now over 50 people and companies are involved with C-FLUG! This little C150 is providing an training and education opportunity unheard of anywhere in North America.  

 Marissa and James prepare nose wheel landing gear for primer.

 Joseph Martin drains the fuel tanks so we can replace the belly fuel drain.

 Marissa removes old air filter and Joseph and Marissa see for the first time how "Carb Heat" actually works!

 Joseph's Dad, Hugh Martin drops in to see what his son has been up to for the last 8 hours.

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