Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Joseph Martin primes the nose cone and hub caps with Goulet Aircraft Supply donated primer

Sept 23 at C-FLUG

 Joseph Martin preps the cockpit for primer with Marissa Selman

 Bill Gibson watching Joseph do the prep work - Bill learned to fly on Tiger Moths over 60 years ago - Joseph plans to get his pilots licence next year and once he's licenced he'll be borrowing C-FLUG! Another feature that makes this project the number one most rewarding experience for all!
 C-FLUG donor, Bill Vandenberg dropped by with some new buttons for the flaps.

 Joseph priming the nose cone, hub caps and oil dip stick top. Goulet Aircraft Supply generously donated the primer along with about $3000 worth of nuts, bolts, and other hardware!

Joseph's Mom dropped by to pick up Joseph and see what he was up to all evening.

Jill and Marissa helped Jim change the flexible brake lines that Jim Aitken made for C-FLUG.

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