Sunday, September 22, 2013

C-FLUG's thorough inspection almost complete, starting to put back inspection panels

We're starting to get things so they are like new again, soon C-FLUG will be ready for people to start booking time. Here's a few of the tasks that we got done today:

 Finished cleaning inside the inspection panels of the cockpit, and started to prepare flooring.

 Bill Vandenberg brought in the hydraulic jack lifting brace so we can remove and service the brake system and wheels.

Rick put AvGas back in the tanks - the left fuel gauge now works.

 Jitu Chowdbury checked out the VSI - it is unserviceable so we're looking for a replacement VSI.

 Jitu checked out how the control column works under the instrument panel

Neighbour Maurice April bicycled by and helped remove the wing root fairing so we could check for mice - no mice.
 Lunch break at the Lyncrest Flight Centre.

Melody is working on her private pilots licence and hopes to fly C-FLUG next year. She cleaned out and inspected the inside of the wings.

 Flap and aileron hinges an cables were lubricated with LPS 1 thanks to donation  by Vic Prefontaine.

 Melody cleaning ahead of Jim who was lubricating hinges and cables.
 Al dropped  by for an hour and got busy cleaning the carb.

 Harold Kroeker with the carb - black inside.

 Melody found nest material in the pitot tube so Jim removed it and she cleaned it out.

 Jim Aitken doing wing inspection inside all inspection covers.

 Melody cleaning paint off inspection covers for cockpit floor.

Putting inspection plates back on.

Taking strut bolt out so we could get some rubber trim replaced on top of spar.

 Hours of work to remove this one bolt so we could put on this little bit of rubber trim! And just after pilots in the club house asked how many more things were we going to take apart...then off came the wing.

Jim's wife, Karen and friend Betty-Ann McPhedran drop in to help.
 Karen Aitken cleaning and polishing the plexi windows.

 Betty-Ann helping Karen.

 Checking the wing root fairing for mice...we found plastic bags :)

 Bill Gibson getting the gears from Melody, Betty-Ann and Karen! Bill knew Betty-Ann's father, a pilot in the area.

 Bill Vandenberg brought over his mobile tray of electrical supplies and other items for C-FLUG, including the paint for the fuel selector, thank you Bill.
 Harry Wiebe owns a C150 and came over to see C-FLUG.
 Adrian Meilleur and Vic Prefontaine checking over the 0-200 Continental.
 Harold starting in on replacing the baffling, thanks to Adrian Mielleur for donating the right kind of rivets we were looking for.

Jim Aitken fixing the gascolator drain.

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