Monday, September 30, 2013

'Prop Clear'! 'Oil Pressure' C-FLUG "started purring like a kitten"

After rolling C-FLUG out of the RAA Workshop Final Assembly Building, C-FLUG started on the first try and oil pressure within 30 seconds. As Donna Prowse said :C-FLUG started purring like a kitten". Engine off and checked for leaks - none. The new spin-on oil filter (thank you Air Parts and Gregorash!) and Baffle seal material, fuel transmitter, hardware, steering arm booties and more (thank you Goulet Aircraft Supply!), with 2 weeks of help from Jim Aitken (thank you C-FLUGs volunteer AME!), and about 30 assistants (thank you RAA members and pilots interested in flying C-FLUG), C-FLUG is now running like new.

Donna and Harold did the first start, checked oil pressure, brakes, parking brakes and lights. To take C-FLUGs parking brake off, pilot has to put pressure on the brakes and then release the parking brake control. Idle runs at 700 rpm, manual states 500 rpm so Jim Aitken AME will take a look at that - no oil leaks.

Joel and Betty-Ann did the 2nd start, let C-FLUG warm up until oil temperature registered and then ran it up to 1600 rpm: mags dropped 100 rpm, within owner manual specs! Slow throttle movements.

Bowen and Donna did the 3rd start, double checked all the controls, brakes and lights- Bo found that the head light switch has two stops, pull the control out 1/2 way and one head light comes on, pull it out the full way and both headlights come on. All systems work really well.

The "Engine Run-up Crew", (Jill's taking the photo) it was fantastic fun and a great sense of accomplishment to be part of C-FLUGs transformation into "like-new" condition.

C-FLUG's Christmas Shopping List Sept 29, 2013, includes (sung to  "The Twelfth Day of Christmas...":
1. One Transponder  - Sept 30, 2013, thank you to Gary Smith, Standard Electric, for donating his transponder to C-FLUG and to Vern at Keystone Air for volunteering to service the transponder before we install it in C-FLUG!

2. Two seat cushions (for shorter pilots)  thank you Harold and Betty-Ann
3. 3 new tires  thank you Jim
4. 4 plastic buttons for flap holes
5. 5 strips of fabric for new back seat upholstery
6.760 channel radio
7. a new wind shield and a partial paint job

COPAs Magnes insurance policy is expected to be ready by Wednesday.

Pilots interested in flying C-FLUG need to complete the following commitments:
1. Become members of RAA Local ($25/year), RAA National ($56/year), SFC Social Member ($50/year), 99s Local (free), 99s National ($67/yr). = $198/year.

2. Submit flight experience information to <> for C-FLUGs insurance.

3. Once membership in these organizations is confirmed and insurance is in place, Submit C-FLUG application form to along with the following two cheques made out to the RAA-Winnipeg Area Chapter:

         i)  One cheque for $200 to show commitment to fly minimum of 10 hours at $20/hr.

         ii)  One cheque for the price of insurance divided by number of C-FLUG pilots (estimate about $200)

4. Get checked out in C-FLUG, refueling system at Lyncrest, use of grass runways n taxi ways, RAA building door system and other Lyncrest Airport procedures.

5. Start booking flights using C-FLUGs online booking system...Happy Flying!

Note: Pilots must be current on a C152/C150 before getting checked out on C-FLUG.


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    1. Hi Jonathon A. Thank you, Check out our Facebook page, "Friend/Share/Like" to show your support of this most amazing project. 12 women are now flying C-FLUG, 15 more in flight training! A 2nd plane, a Cherokee PA28-140 C-GNUC was donated to us last week and is expected to be available to borrow in a week or two! Both C-FLUG and C-GNUC are unnique projects in North AMerica and are definitely making a difference in making aviation accessible for recreational and commercial purposes. See for details on how to book C-FLUG, similar web page is being set up for C-GNUC for men and women pilots interested in going flying!

  2. I was looking for something like this and I am so glad that I finally found it.Thanks for sharing your posts. I really appreciate your pics and I will be waiting for your further to make ups thanks once again.