Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mark at Air Parts Volunteers to Service C-FLUG's Carburetor

 Sept 25 - Joseph Martin working on the cockpit

 Rick Riewe "running" - Rick generously made a kazillion trips to get tools and supplies across town and across the airport!

 Harold Kroeker drilling out the other bootie plate - Jill did the first one.

  Marissa Selman and Bill Vandenberg cleaning up the upholstery.
 Harold helping Jill bled the brakes.

 Bill Vandenberg, C150 Donor, brought back a surprise - a most awesome creeper for the RAA Bldg!!
 Marissa and Joseph got the nose wheel gear ready for painting.
 Marissa, Harold, Joseph thrilled with Bills donation of the creeper for the RAA Bldg.

 Joseph put the creeper to work minutes later!

 Thinking about installing the baffle material

 Hugh and Joseph Martins
 Checking the compass - whole body has to move!
 George Gavrailoff generously donated his radio and VOR, Marissa crossed town to pick it up...she's been "going topless" as Marissa calls it - with the top of her jeep :) Thank you George!!

 Rick preping the nose wheel for paint.

 Jim Aitkens, Volunteer AME, double checking the fuel selector valve.

 Jim and Harold checking the Hobbs Meter, ended up not working so Jim Aitkens donated a new one! Thank you Jim!!

 We needed a few inches of tape to cover in the luggage compartment and Bert had given us permission to borrow his supplies - Thank you Bert, saved Rick another trip down town!

 Punching holes for floor mat.
 Hoorah, Melody Hiebert came across town with the Carburetor, which Mark generously volunteered to service - Thank you Mark from Air Parts!!

 Logos for C-FLUG to acknowledge support from Air Parts, Goulet and Orbit!

 Jim Aitken preparing the tag for the newly certified, all ADs complete on the carburetor!
 Rick n Jill priming and painting the nose wheel landing gear.

 Jim and Harold re-assembling air box and carb
 Vic Prefontaine dropped by to check in on how we were doing - found the carpet getting in the way of the rudder pedals, its been addressed now!

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